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学习费用  S$13,400 to S$51,840



 作为西澳最大、最多元化的大学,科廷 是一所拥有辉煌历史和美好未来的国际 化教育机构。来自全球超过125个国家的 50,000多名学生选择了科廷,其中包括 16,000多名国际学生—数量居全澳第三。



Values: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Excellence, Impact.


Public transport can be taken to reach the school campus. Buses such as 21, 124, 125, 131, 139, 186 can be taken to arrive at the nearest bus stop located outside the school campus.

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Off-campus hostels or service apartments are available for renting. For more information, visit

Tuition Fee


Diploma: S$13,400 to S$17,280

Master: S$31,800 to S$33,240

Bachelor: S$19,344 to S$51,840


Registration Fee: S$374.50

Administration Fee: S$500

Medical Insurance: S$46.01 per year

Other Information

Schooling duration

Diploma: 8 months (2 Trimesters)

Master: 1 year (Full-Time)

Bachelor: 16 months to 24 months (Full-Time)


Course Structure

Trimester 1A: 27 February to 23 June

Trimester 2A: 10 July to 20 October

Trimester 3A: Starts from 6 November

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