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学习费用  S$12,369.20 - S$41,601.60


Kaplan高等教育学院(新加坡),原亚太管理学院,在新加坡教育部正式注册,2003年被评为第一批新加坡素质级教育机构(SQC-PEO),也是第一批获得海外学生利益保障计划(CASE TRUST)的学校,不但最早获得新加坡政府的“双认证”,而且还获得中国驻新加坡大使馆教育处的资格认证,为海外学生在优质教育和发展前途方面提供了坚实的保障。Kaplan高等教育学院(新加坡)座落在新加坡的金融和商业中心,拥有乌节路和维尔基路两大校区。两个现代化、智能化的市区校园,舒适的教学环境及备受信赖的教育品牌,为学生提供优质的学士、硕士及博士等高等教育课程,吸引了无数来自世界各地的学生。楷博在新加坡的校区共有15,000名新加坡本地学生和国际学生,修读学士学位的新加坡学生中有一半是毕业于新加坡政府理工学院的大专毕业生。


Values: Integrity, Knowledge, Support, Opportunity, Results


Public transport can be taken to the school campus. The nearest MRT stations include Dhoby Ghaut, Bras Basah, Bugis and Little India. Buses such as 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, 56, 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 166, 857, NR6 can also be taken to reach the nearby bus stops.

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The Kaplan Residences

Package A (2-month) - $2,148 

Package B (4-month) - $3,368 

Package C (1 month and lesser) - $84 + $35/day 

NOTE: The address is 1 Short Street, Kaplan Accommodation @Short Street. The nearest MRT stations include Dhoby Ghaut, Bugis and Little India. 

For more information, visit 


Off-campus hostels or service apartments are availabel for renting. For more information, visit

Tuition Fee


Diploma: S$12,369.20

Master: S$22,470 to S$26,536

Bachelor: S$21,400 to S$41,601.60

Diploma in Professional Business English Program (PBEP) Level 1-5 / Per Level: S$12,743.70 / S$3,541.70 (10 months / 2 months)

English Experience Program (EEP): S$1,144.90 (3 weeks)

Degree Experience Program (DEP): S$1,144.90 (48 hours)

Prepartory Course for Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination: S$13,546.20 (12 months)


Registration Fee: S$492.20

Administration Fee: S$749

Medical Insurance: S$149.45

Other Information

Course Duration/Structure 

- Diploma: At least 8 months (8 modules) 

- Master: 4 terms to 4 semesters 

- Bachelor: 16 months to 24 months (12 units to 16 units) 

 NOTE: Course structure varies with the course and university chosen

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